You MUST read and follow this guide for your safety.

Unless you have bought an empty account without any games, following this guide is a must. If you have bought the account from this site directly, scroll down to account details. Login details will also be sent via email.


What to do:


Change the password on the email address (But do not for the steam account)

Set up your steam profile and go to “clear previous aliases” at your profile

Set your steam profile friends only or private for the first 3 months

Make sure you do not give the impression you have just bought this account


What to avoid:


NEVER add a phone number that was already attached to another steam account

DO NOT change the email address of the Steam account (before 6 months – but it’s highly advised never to change it for extra safety)

Avoid any kind of violation of Steam service (e.g. using stolen credit cards, etc.)

When buying games or funding Steam wallet, you MUST NOT spend more than $15 in the first 2 months ($15/month is the limit)

Avoid changing your steam password for the first 1 month

Do not log in from multiple IPs, especially not from different countries

If you want to use VPN, make sure to use it through only one country

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a question after purchasing:

The Years of Service badge is not showing the correct account age, what to do?
This is perfectly normal, you will either need to buy a game worth at least $5 or add at least $5 to your Steam wallet. This will completely solve the problem. To learn more about this, visit:
I can’t log in to the email address / Steam account, what to do?
Please double check whether you are trying to log in to the same email provider (for example is different than, also mind not to copy any space after the password. If you have any problems, add us on Discord or send an email to us.
I want to use this account as my main, any advice?
You will be perfectly fine if you follow our Guide on how to start using old Steam accounts.
How can I change the password for the email?

If you have bought a, or account, please follow these instructions:

When you log in, you will see Mein Account on the left menu, go to:
Mein Account > Login and Sicherheit > Passwort (Passwort ändern) then enter the old password first, then the new one twice.

I bought an account with the original CD key, how can I use it?

If you ever need to prove ownership to Steam support, follow this guide.

If you are unsure, please contact us and we will assist you with the recovery process.

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