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Quality and safety, that is what we offer. We have been serving customers since 2019. We are the best choice if you want a main or a smurf account because our accounts are safe to use.

We have sold more than 2000 accounts and we are the biggest shop in the Steam account market, ranging from 3 digit to 8 digit accounts.

We can get you accounts of custom registration dates, beautiful or sequential SteamIDs and many more, reach out to us and we will meet your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

I have a question about the accounts:

Is the account VAC clean and free of any type of bans?

Yes, we only sell accounts without any kind of bans (no VAC ban, community ban or trade ban on the accounts)

What does "Digit" mean and why is it important?
It refers to the last part of SteamID (the X part: STEAM_1:1:XXXXX). Basically, the lower your SteamID is, the older your account you have. 4 and 5 digit Steam accounts were registered in the same day Steam was launched (September 12, 2003). 6 digit accounts were registered between September 13, 2003 and October 24, 2003. 7 digit accounts were registered between October 23, 2003 and January 9, 2005. 8 digit accounts were registered after January 9, 2005.
What does "OE" and "Original HL1 key" mean?

OE means having access to the original email the Steam account was registered with. Original HL1 key means you will get the original CD key which was used when the account was created. This is essential if you ever needed to contact Steam support to recover your account or to provide Proof of Ownership.

Only a few accounts come with this since it is impossible now to find out what the original HL1 key was for the account. After purchasing, only you will know the original CD key of the account. Shipping the Original HL1 key will be done via email in a pdf  file to the address you provide.

How safe it is to use our accounts?
We are proud that we have never had any complaints regarding safety or other issues. Upon purchasing any of our accounts we will provide you a Guide on how to start using old Steam accounts. The guide is not so strict and will not interfere with using the account in a normal way. It is more like a collection of principles. The account we give you have been unused for more than a decade, nobody has access to it or nobody has any way of getting the account back from you.
When will you deliver the account?
We will instantly deliver the account to you as soon as payment is completed.
What will I get after purchasing the account?
We will provide you login details for the Steam account & the email it is attached to (Steam username, Steam password, email username, email password). If you chose to buy an account with Original HL1 key, we will also provide you with that.
Can I change the password/email address of the Steam account?
Yes, you are free to change any details you want as long as you follow our Guide.
What games does the account already have?
If you buy a 4, 5, 6 or 7 digit Steam account, it will either have HL1 pack (including CS 1.6) or HL2 pack (including CS:S), this means you will get the 5 and 10 year Veteran Coins for CS:GO. If you buy a 8 digit Steam account, the account will not have any games, it will be completely empty.
I want to buy an account with nice friend ID / DOTA2 ID, what to do?
Add us on Discord and let us know what would be your ideal ID, we will find you a suitable Steam account.
I want to buy an account with very specific needs, can you help me?
We are pretty sure we can. We advise you to add us on Discord where you can tell us your needs. Usual needs include specific registration date, certain number(s) in SteamID or repetitive SteamID (for example STEAM_1:1:11111) or nice and short Steam username (login name).

I have a question after purchasing:

The Years of Service badge is not showing the correct account age, what to do?
This is perfectly normal, you will either need to buy a game worth at least $5 or add at least $5 to your Steam wallet. This will completely solve the problem. To learn more about this, visit:
I can’t log in to the email address / Steam account, what to do?
Please double check whether you are trying to log in to the same email provider (for example is different than, also mind not to copy any space after the password. If you have any problems, add us on Discord or send an email to us.
I want to use this account as my main, any advice?

You will be perfectly fine if you follow our Guide on how to start using old Steam accounts. Our Guide usually prevents any kind of limitation on Steam accounts.

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